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Chartership & Beyond Session

February 22, 2006

A half day session run by the CDG explaining the chartership process and including a portfolio workshop.


The first part of the session was a talk about the Mentor Support Network. Emphasis was placed on the fact that all chartership candidates must find a mentor (list on CILIP website) and meet with them regularly. All mentors are trained and a mentoring agreement will be signed with them. Face to face meetings should occur where possible.

Qualifications Framework
The chartership course slide presentation is available at:

Michael Martin – Adviser, Qualifications and Professional Development gave the talk on how to get started, produce a PDPP and then a portfolio.

1) Register as chartership candidate with CILIP
2) Locate mentor – not necessarily health sector, but as have minimal experience in the field might well be worth aiming to have a mentor working in a similar field.
3) Skills audit, at beginning and end of chartership process
4) Read examples of PDPP (check with mentor)
5) Update CV (and extend skills etc as can be 3-4 pages).
6) Gather information re courses, work events, job description, work structure charts etc together.
7) Produce bibliography of learning
8 ) Reflect and analyse and record.


CILIP in London Talk – RSS and Blogs

February 14, 2006

Fantastic introduction to RSS and Blogs by Karen Blakeman.