CILIP in London Talk Ben Chan, Ministry of Defence . Getting noticed: from shelver to Update profile. Making the most of networking and opportunities

Talk by Ben Chan who has recently been profiled in Update, focussing on raising your profile and that of your service.

Key points discussed included:
– Publicity – get senior managers involved in new projects
– Identify weak areas where others have failed, can lead to you exceeding expectations but also entails a level of risk in case you also don’t succeed.
– Ensure all PC programmes, databases etc are exploited to their full extent – if not is there a reason?
– Build upon initiatives previously undertaken. Go that step further.
– Locate existing initiatives (internally or externally) that can join up with.
-Skills audit of the department – a skills directory for particular queries. (e.g. Who Does What).

L – Longterm, need to build on contacts including e.g. keep referees up to date.
I – Informal, take chances to social network and make the most of them.
P – Personal, (Partnership). Successful networking requires trust and rapport.
S – Sharing, share contacts and expertise and successes. A 2 way process.

Be open to new networks, even if they seem outside of sector as ideas can transfer across industry/sector.

Ben said he “believed we all have a duty to raise the profile of Library and Information profession”.

Communication – important not just to team but also upward. Ben advocated communicating directly with the top person involved as you get known and this can benefit current and future endeavours.

Don’t let good ideas lie dormant – find out who would benefit and let them know. Publicise successes and find an audience that will benefit from the shared knowledge.

Personal brand:

– Define your target market, make yourself visible within it and find a unique niche.
Identify personal strengths, drivers, motivators, principles etc – reflect these everyday.

Lend your positive qualities to your service, bear in mind that negative personal qualities can have a negative effect on the service as well.

One Response to “CILIP in London Talk Ben Chan, Ministry of Defence . Getting noticed: from shelver to Update profile. Making the most of networking and opportunities”

  1. Ben Chan Says:

    Thanks for posting this
    Good luck with chartership!
    -Ben Chan

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