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CILIP in London AGM, panel discussion “Working in London: Starting out and moving on”

May 24, 2006

The AGM was followed by a panel discussion on the LIS job market within London and particularly the attributes that employers are seeking on a good CV/application and at interview.


Pharmaceutical History – Silver Collection

May 17, 2006

Informal talk from museum volunteer about silver pharmacy items.

FOI training with Records Manager

May 16, 2006

In-house session on Freedom of Information processes and procedures including what can be considered an FOI request and the process for handling it.

Marylebone Medical Walk

May 16, 2006

Walking tour between the London headquarters of the Royal College of Physicians, the Association of Anaesthetists and the British Dental Association including a visit to their museums. 

Biomedical Information at the British Library – an introductory workshop for readers

May 11, 2006

A workshop introducing users to the biomedical resources of the British Library, including both the print collectionn and subscription online resources available from the BL reading rooms.

Career Development Group (London and South East) AGM

May 4, 2006

AGM was followed by three short talks on “Climbing the Ladder – what the CDG can do for you”. The first speaker highlighted the role of CDG in cross-sectoral professional networking, how involvement with the CDG can help professional development and provide a support network. The second speaker emphasised the importance of being persistant, actively managing your career and of taking the opportunity for more responsibilty when it arises. The third speaker raised the point that if/when you fail to succeed in a job application that you can learn from this to make a stronger application next time having identified what skills etc were lacking.

Gurteen London Knowledge Cafe – on a quest for a new simplicity

May 3, 2006

Discussion about how you would know if knowledge management/sharing was working effectively in an organisation, the benefits it can provide, and of the need for culture change as well as deep rooted management support.