CV Update and first contact with mentor

Updated my CV paying attention to some of the tips that were raised at the panel discussion after the CILIP in London AGM. Also looked at Infomatch’s advice on CV writing at¬†Although, fairly happy with the way that mine, a skills-based CV, is written I feel that it might be worth revisiting in 6 months to see if the skills section can be improved – at the moment there is possibly some slight duplication between the section on job role and skills. I also need to consider having a “Professional experience” section or similar to list relevant courses, links with CILIP groups etc as the Chartership process goes on.

Although there is no requirement to have a mentor who is in the same field of information work I feel that as I am fairly new to health information it would be a good idea to find somebody working in the same sector. However, I have some flexibility over the sector – be it NHS, academic or Department of Health as there seem to be a number of mentors available. First approach made, I just have to wait to see whether they still have space/time for another mentee. List of mentors available (after log in) at:

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