Professional Reading in July

A selection of professional reading undertaken in July

Elsevier Library Connect (2005). How libraries are training users on E-resources: best practices. [online]. Available from:<
> [Accessed 6 July 2006]. San Diego, CA: Elsevier.

  • Useful section on getting the most from training including Five Top Training Tips. Particularly emphasised the need to teach transferable skills e.g process of searching/effective search skills rather than trying to show everything. I have integrated some of these ideas into a training session I am running on searching electronic databases this month and the accompanying guide now places an emphasis on search strategy that can be used across the different databases as well as providing specifics for some of the most important databases.

Pipeline the journal of the Pharmaceutical Information & Pharmacovigilance Association.
Issue 6. (June 2006).

  • New important resource listed. Action taken to obtain for library.

Bulletin for Allied Health Professionals. Issue 50. (July 2006). [online]. Available from:<> [Accessed 13 July 2006].

  • Discussion of Social Marketing and its link to Choosing Health White Paper, new web resources added to library catalogue. Thesaurus expanded – importance of current awareness in adding new terms as resources are often available on the web before books are published on the subject.

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