Gurteen London Knowledge Cafe – What is the obligation for individuals and communities to entrust cultural knowledge for the future?

A very interesting K-Cafe on whether there is an obligation to pass on cultural knowledge both in society and in the workplace. There was much discussion on the importance of trust before knowledge could be shared effectively and also of whether anyone should/could be obliged to pass knowledge on – an emotive subject. That knowledge which is passed on relies heavily on the subjective judgement of what is of value and being overrational can lead to a form of censorship and loss of knowledge. In society deeply embedded cultural beliefs and intrinsic values are passed on without being aware of receiving/sending them. Does society breakdown when holders of knowledge (often elders in a community) are no longer venerated for the knowledge and experience they have? In business knowledge is often power but no-one can know everything – can only pass on so much and judge what will be most relevant.

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