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Career Development Group Committee Meeting

October 25, 2006

Attended London and South East Divisions CDG Committee Meeting. Later appointed in RLO (CSO as of 2007) support role.


CDG Management Seminar – Staff Management

October 24, 2006

Talk by a member of staff of one of the new Idea Stores; although interesting as I knew very little about Idea Stores the talk didn’t really deal with staff management issues in great depth. The question and answer session was more relevant as issues were raised about management styles, how to gain management experience informally etc.

Ran “Discovering Databases – an introduction to finding relevant information at the relevant time” session.

October 17, 2006

Attended by Publications Staff.
After informal feedback gained from previous sessions I decided to make the search examples more relevant to each group – this is harder in a mixed session, as can only show basics and then ask individuals for examples but easier with publications teams as can focus on their requirements.
Sessions run on 17th October, 6th November, 16th November 2006.