2nd Meeting with mentor

Met my mentor at St George’s – University of London Library.

In this second meeting we discussed the example of work I had brought with me, the template for evaluating visits and courses that I am considering using in my portfolio and moved on to further discussion of how the portfolio can be written up. This was then followed by a tour around the library and a discussion of what services are offered.

The library provides services to all staff and students of
St George’s,

University of
London and the Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences, and all staff working for the NHS in South West London. 

Athens passwords to access the extensive collection of electronic journals and databases. 

Several areas of computers, some rooms provide 24 hour access. Different PCs for NHS staff and students, with slightly different resources, some are networked to the NHS network. 

They library provides a service to staff via their CARES (Clinical And Research Enquiry Service) web page which provides literature searches and current awareness alerts. 

The Enquiry Desk also gives advice on search strategies and finding health statistics. 

Free workshops are run through the year to help improve user’s information seeking skills. Topics include how to search health-related databases, how to find quality information and advanced Internet searching techniques. 

Survey of library users’ satisfaction underway to find out what services the NHS staff and University students identify as areas that could be improved. Good response level to date. Most common areas of comment include lack of copies of textbooks (although there are multiple copies for students the popular ones are always out on loan) and also many students feel that the silent study area is often too noisy. Limited space means that there is only so much room that can be allocated to official group study rooms and open study space. Action points are:
1)     Work further on developing the link between my actions and the impact this would have on my workplace and the organisation’s overall goals.
2)      Contact RLO and arrange to see a portfolio submitted under the 2005 regulations – especially focussing on presentation.

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