Disaster Recovery Plan

In-house Information Centre familarisation session with Disaster Recovery Plan, including walk around building.

2 Responses to “Disaster Recovery Plan”

  1. Katharine Says:

    Just been flicking through some of your older entries – you don’t seem to have posted much recently – and found this one.
    I was invited to a Disaster management session a while back to discuss our disaster plan and start thinking about modifying/building on it. Since then I haven’t heard anything about it – I should really contact the organisers and see what is going on.
    Did you find the session helpful? What sort of things did it cover?

  2. assistantlibrarian Says:

    Hi Katharine,

    Yes, I’ve not been updating as much in the past month or so as I’m trying to get the final draft of my portfolio done and have made a first attempt at my statement, which I’m finding rather tricky!

    Anyway, this session was an in-house one as a number of my colleagues are in the process of developing a disaster plan and they were feeding back their progress to date. The Information Centre includes the Museum and Records Management, as well as the Library, so we have a fair amount of items, artifacts and records that need to be considered. Work has been ongoing within each section to identify key resources that would need to be saved/replaced, and then to prioritise these across the Centre as a whole. We looked at the floor maps that had been produced (the Museum collection in particular is in numerous areas) and then went on a walk around the building to check these maps in situ. Plans have been produced to cope with 2 levels of disaster e.g. minor flood in one part of building vs major incident completely shutting building and affecting all areas.

    It was interesting and useful – lots of work for those involved though!

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