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Chartership and Beyond Event at Lewisham Library

March 18, 2007

Attended my first ‘Chartership and Beyond’ event in a support role. Very interesting to hear the presentations again at a later stage in the chartership procedings and it certainly reminded me of a few points that I had forgotten but which are very relevant to writing up. Plenty of time for discussion where the attendees were encouraged to think of specific examples to meet the critera and gave an opportunity for them to ask the CILIP representative, the CSO and myself questions. (more…)


CILIP in London Talk – The impact of information services in the voluntary sector

March 13, 2007

Talk from Christine Goodair, Head of Website & Information Services at DrugScope. This talk provided an introduction to working in information services in the voluntary sector, the variety of work that it is possible to undertake and some of the more negative (or challenging) aspects. Discussion of the DrugScop blog (and RSS feed) and how it has proved such a success. A very positive aspect of working in the voluntary sector appears to be that there is great scope for initiative but this is balanced by limited funding and sometimes uncertainty about future funding/sustainability – “an exciting if not entirely secure place to work”.

Email discussion with mentor re blogs and discussion lists

March 7, 2007

Brief email conversation with mentor after a discusion on LIS-CILIP-REG about blogs and their value in recording chartership progress which I took part in.
Action point: to ensure that I keep a record of postings to discussion lists as an example of criteria 4 – breadth of professional knowledge and understanding of the wider professional context.

Tour of Lewisham Public Library

March 6, 2007

Tour of Lewisham public library – extremely interesting to see behind the scenes of a library in a very different sector to that I’m used to. However, there are similarities; including how to attract library users, ensuring that stock purchased is of interest to the users of the service and enabling them to access a wide variety of media.
Action Point – to publicise local public library services to members, especially the People’s Network and free internet access.

Career Development Group Committee Meeting

March 6, 2007

Attended London and South East Divisions CDG Committee Meeting.