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Awarded ESU/CILIP Travelling Librarian Award 2007

June 6, 2007

I’m thrilled to have been awarded the ESU/CILIP Travelling Librarian Award for 2007!

This award, jointly sponsored by the English Speaking Union and CILIP, will enable me to undertake a study tour in the
United States for two weeks in October 2007. It is designed to encourage US/UK contacts in the library world and the establishment of permanent links.
I plan to visit a number the National Library of Medicine, the American Pharmacists Association and a number of university pharmacy departments. Of great relevance to my current role I expect it to be a rewarding personal experience as well.

 Action: Plan Trip!


“A Librarian’s Travels” Informal Talk

February 21, 2007

Each year, the English-Speaking Union (ESU) and CILIP invite applications for the Travelling Librarian Award, from qualified librarians working in UK libraries or information centres who are members of CILIP. The Award is an opportunity to do a two-week study tour in the United States. It is intended to encourage US/UK contacts in the library world and the establishment of permanent links.  (more…)

Chartership process

August 30, 2006

PDPP & Mentor details received by CILIP

Example of chartership submission

April 7, 2006

An example of a successful chartership submission is available at:
Qualifications /charteredmem/chartershipexample.htm

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Chartership process

March 3, 2006

Registration to charter under Pathway 1 accepted by CILIP

Chartership & Beyond Session

February 22, 2006

A half day session run by the CDG explaining the chartership process and including a portfolio workshop.


The first part of the session was a talk about the Mentor Support Network. Emphasis was placed on the fact that all chartership candidates must find a mentor (list on CILIP website) and meet with them regularly. All mentors are trained and a mentoring agreement will be signed with them. Face to face meetings should occur where possible.

Qualifications Framework
The chartership course slide presentation is available at:

Michael Martin – Adviser, Qualifications and Professional Development gave the talk on how to get started, produce a PDPP and then a portfolio.

1) Register as chartership candidate with CILIP
2) Locate mentor – not necessarily health sector, but as have minimal experience in the field might well be worth aiming to have a mentor working in a similar field.
3) Skills audit, at beginning and end of chartership process
4) Read examples of PDPP (check with mentor)
5) Update CV (and extend skills etc as can be 3-4 pages).
6) Gather information re courses, work events, job description, work structure charts etc together.
7) Produce bibliography of learning
8 ) Reflect and analyse and record.