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3rd meeting with mentor

April 16, 2007

Discussed the content and structure of draft portolio. Action points include  

1)      Make amendments to structure of portfolio as discussed.

2)      Write analysis of process of writing journal article – focus on personal development.

3)      Acknowledgments page to include confidentiality statement – at beginning of portfolio.


Email discussion with mentor re blogs and discussion lists

March 7, 2007

Brief email conversation with mentor after a discusion on LIS-CILIP-REG about blogs and their value in recording chartership progress which I took part in.
Action point: to ensure that I keep a record of postings to discussion lists as an example of criteria 4 – breadth of professional knowledge and understanding of the wider professional context.

2nd Meeting with mentor

November 30, 2006

Met my mentor at St George’s – University of London Library.

In this second meeting we discussed the example of work I had brought with me, the template for evaluating visits and courses that I am considering using in my portfolio and moved on to further discussion of how the portfolio can be written up. This was then followed by a tour around the library and a discussion of what services are offered. (more…)

Email discussion with mentor

August 23, 2006

Discussion over email with mentor re completed PDPP.

1st Meeting with mentor

July 17, 2006

As the first face-to-face meeting this was an introductory session. We discussed the chartership process, the mentoring agreement, and the PDPP.

Action points: 1)     Send completed mentoring agreement to CILIP.
2)     Complete PDPP and send copies to mentor and CILIP.
3)     Complete Skills Audit.

CV Update and first contact with mentor

June 4, 2006

Updated my CV paying attention to some of the tips that were raised at the panel discussion after the CILIP in London AGM. Also looked at Infomatch’s advice on CV writing at  (more…)

Chartership & Beyond Session

February 22, 2006

A half day session run by the CDG explaining the chartership process and including a portfolio workshop.


The first part of the session was a talk about the Mentor Support Network. Emphasis was placed on the fact that all chartership candidates must find a mentor (list on CILIP website) and meet with them regularly. All mentors are trained and a mentoring agreement will be signed with them. Face to face meetings should occur where possible.

Qualifications Framework
The chartership course slide presentation is available at:

Michael Martin – Adviser, Qualifications and Professional Development gave the talk on how to get started, produce a PDPP and then a portfolio.

1) Register as chartership candidate with CILIP
2) Locate mentor – not necessarily health sector, but as have minimal experience in the field might well be worth aiming to have a mentor working in a similar field.
3) Skills audit, at beginning and end of chartership process
4) Read examples of PDPP (check with mentor)
5) Update CV (and extend skills etc as can be 3-4 pages).
6) Gather information re courses, work events, job description, work structure charts etc together.
7) Produce bibliography of learning
8 ) Reflect and analyse and record.