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Career Development Group (London and South East) AGM and networking event

May 23, 2007

Speed networking event worked extrememly well, met a number of people from different sectors. Interesting conversations about how easy it is to move sector.


CILIP in London talk – Social Libraries

April 10, 2007

Social Libraries: Collaborating worldwide from the comfort of home by Anne Welsh.

This talk was about ‘Five weeks to a social library’, an innovative and free US-based online course for teaching librarians about social software (such as blogs, RSS, social bookmarking and wikis) and its use in libraries that ran earlier in 2007. Anne was one of the presenters who, drawing on her experience of setting up a blog for DrugScope, created a screencast presentation to demonstrate how common library activities such as acquisitions, cataloguing and enquiry work can be transformed quickly and easily into blog entries. (more…)

Chartership and Beyond Event at Lewisham Library

March 18, 2007

Attended my first ‘Chartership and Beyond’ event in a support role. Very interesting to hear the presentations again at a later stage in the chartership procedings and it certainly reminded me of a few points that I had forgotten but which are very relevant to writing up. Plenty of time for discussion where the attendees were encouraged to think of specific examples to meet the critera and gave an opportunity for them to ask the CILIP representative, the CSO and myself questions. (more…)

CILIP in London Talk – The impact of information services in the voluntary sector

March 13, 2007

Talk from Christine Goodair, Head of Website & Information Services at DrugScope. This talk provided an introduction to working in information services in the voluntary sector, the variety of work that it is possible to undertake and some of the more negative (or challenging) aspects. Discussion of the DrugScop blog (and RSS feed) and how it has proved such a success. A very positive aspect of working in the voluntary sector appears to be that there is great scope for initiative but this is balanced by limited funding and sometimes uncertainty about future funding/sustainability – “an exciting if not entirely secure place to work”.

“A Librarian’s Travels” Informal Talk

February 21, 2007

Each year, the English-Speaking Union (ESU) and CILIP invite applications for the Travelling Librarian Award, from qualified librarians working in UK libraries or information centres who are members of CILIP. The Award is an opportunity to do a two-week study tour in the United States. It is intended to encourage US/UK contacts in the library world and the establishment of permanent links.  (more…)

Disaster Recovery Plan

January 11, 2007

In-house Information Centre familarisation session with Disaster Recovery Plan, including walk around building.

CDG Management Seminar – Managing a Library Building Project

November 15, 2006

Talk followed by question and answer session on managing a library building project. Very informative and well presented.

CDG Management Seminar – Staff Management

October 24, 2006

Talk by a member of staff of one of the new Idea Stores; although interesting as I knew very little about Idea Stores the talk didn’t really deal with staff management issues in great depth. The question and answer session was more relevant as issues were raised about management styles, how to gain management experience informally etc.

Business Intelligence Briefing

August 31, 2006

Attended in-house briefing by the Head of Business Intelligence to find out more about new projects being introduced; many of which include KM aspects.

CILIP in London Talk

July 11, 2006

Talk about the work of the Library Campaign – a volunteer organisation that aims to promote libraries in the public sector – including schools, hospitals, government departments as well as public libraries. They aim to be an umbrella group for friends and user groups.